Another video of Aliza Sehar comes after her viral leaked clip

Aliza Sehar, the famous TikToker and YouTuber, remained in the top trends on social sites and made headlines after her private video was leaked online.

The content creator reportedly ended her own life after her private clip was all over the internet.

Aliza Sehar Nude Video Call

The leaked clip of Aliza Sehar is a stark reminder for people to remain cautious about such activities. In the alleged clip, she was spotted revealing herself for the other person, during a video call.

A few days after her first clip sparked a frenzy among her fans, another clip of Aliza Sehar surfaced online, showing her in tears. Some users claimed that the clip was old while others said she was crying due to the horrendous incident.

Unverified reports claimed that Aliza attempted to take her own life and is currently in critical condition at a hospital.

Meanwhile, the culprit behind the video leak scandal is yet to be named as no complaint was filed by Aliza or any other person.

The girl known for village style cooking videos amassed millions of followers on social platforms, while the latest incident triggered condemnations.

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